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How to Deal Effectively with Supply Disruptions in CPG

Disruptions in the supply of raw and packed material have become increasingly common and force many CPG companies in constant fire-fighting mode. Join us to explore how Decision Intelligence can help to build critical agility to effectively deal with supply disruptions.

Oct 4, 2022 at 3 pm BST/ 4 pm CEST/ 7 am PT

What is Decision Intelligence?

The topic of Decision Intelligence is emerging, pulling together several new and existing technologies and focusing them on an augmented future world. But what does it mean and how is it defined? Come join us for a discussion with the Aera GM for Customer Success as we explore what this new landscape looks like and how companies are thinking about Decision Intelligence.


What is the Future of Work in a Decision Intelligence World?

What does the future workforce and governance structure look like in a world as decisions are increasingly being automated? Who are the people we need to cultivate for the future? Come join a discussion with the Aera Chief Strategy Officer as we discuss how organizations are embracing new models like Human-in-the-Loop and Human-on-the-loop, and what role people play in Decision Intelligence. We'll also discuss what profiles we need to add to our strategic hiring plans.


The Future of Digital Control Towers in a Cognitive World

In a world shifting to Decision Intelligence, are Control Towers still relevant? Come join the conversation and learn how they actually play a critical role – when done correctly. Digital Control Towers can be an easy way to evolve an organization towards Decision Intelligence, quickly by lighting up a Digital Control Tower, while also laying the groundwork for Decision Intelligence with fully automatic recommendations.


How are Companies Leading Decision Intelligence?

5 years ago, Decision Intelligence was a completely new field, but today some of the largest organizations have deployed it across global teams and at large scale. Come join us in a discussion with the Aera GM for Customer Success as we explore how these companies started and evolved their journey, with an eye towards the lessons companies can learn and use. We'll discuss both the tactical need for organizations to prove short term value while putting in place disruptive technologies that will open up new business models and faster decision cycles in the future.


The Future of Planning in the Age of Decision Intelligence

The new digital reality has fundamentally changed the business world. Yet planning in most organizations, strategic, operational, or tactical, remains stuck in the 90s, posing a massive risk to performance. The process and the tools used for planning operate on a dated model where the variables are relatively predictable and stable (e.g., Demand for a product). But in today's VUCA reality, this cannot be any farther from the truth. Organizations address this by throwing more people into the problem, which unfortunately is not sustainable.
Join this session to: a) Understand the challenges in traditional planning b) Learn about ways to build agility in planning to deliver on the performance c) Discuss best practices and the latest innovations that make planning a sustainable competitive advantage.


How Decision Intelligence Enables Smart, Sustainable, and Strategically Aligned Supply Chains

Find out how Decision Intelligence can enable your business to align sustainability with other strategic requirements such as customer service, cost reduction, and inventory optimization. Decision Intelligence helps you understand the trade-offs and the different outcomes to ensure you make the optimal decision every time. Don’t just report on Co2, reduce it!


Using Decision Intelligence to Make the Perfect Customer Promise

The promise to the customer is the most important part of the buying process and the heart of delivering great customer satisfaction. Yet customer service organizations on the front line often don't have access to reliable promise dates or the ability to fix risks to orders. Come join the Sr. Director for Solution Engineering and learn how Decision Intelligence is putting true promise availability dates in front of customer service organizations to get the customer relationship started on the right foot. Learn how real-time information and the ability to automatically correct risks to orders is enabling organizations to prevent the death by a thousand cuts that can ruin your customer relationships.


Driving Decision Intelligence with MLOps

So much brilliant work in AI/ML is focused on getting the newest vendor tools and running the latest experiment. Yet many of these projects never see the light of day in the real world. Come join the Sr. Director for Aera ML/AI solutions and we'll discuss how Decision Intelligence is getting the most out of ML/AI by letting data scientists incorporate a diverse set of both external and integrated tools into one platform, with the real-time data integration and real-time model performance analytics needed to effectively deploy ML models.


Regaining Control of Order Fulfillment Processes with Decision Intelligence

Companies and entire industries are facing demand volatility and supply challenges as never before. In our complex, multi-polar global networks, identifying the right buttons and levers to navigate through these is becoming ever more difficult. Although we have spent decades optimizing processes, designing organizations, and implementing better and faster solutions, the challenges remain. In fact, we are throwing more complexity, more data, and additional dimensions into the mix. We have been focusing too much on the task and not enough on the decision. In order to fulfill demand as your customer requires, while balancing your complex supply chain, you need to process more data than ever before and act on decisions at a pace that has not been possible. This is where Decision Intelligence comes in: Leveraging the power of integrated internal and external data to achieve responsiveness based on real-time data, recalibrate priorities with full visibility of the consequences, and the ability to act swiftly is within reach.


How Can Decision Intelligence Transform Strategic Sourcing?

In the last decade, procurement organizations have implemented strategic sourcing to identify and deliver more savings by effectively managing spend and supplier performance. However, companies have struggled with certain aspects of strategic sourcing, such as creating a view of the total category spend, defining baselines, gathering the relevant market intelligence, creating a 360-degree view of suppliers, and keeping category strategies relevant when market conditions change. In a world of continuous disruptions, category strategies must be adapted quickly to deliver value, minimize supply chain risks and capitalize on market opportunities as soon as they appear. Decision Intelligence introduces a new paradigm in how strategic sourcing is conducted today. It addresses the traditional challenges and transforms them into an event-based process through recommendations that bring together internal data and external market insights.


Unlocking New Value with Decision Intelligence

Delivering impact to the bottom line in a sustainable manner ultimately matters to shareholders. Executive teams are tasked with increasing corporate value to their shareholders, as measured by a myriad of metrics, including Total Returns to Shareholders (TRS), Return on invested capital (ROIC), and Economic Profit (EP), while improving their social responsibility. While several levers drive shareholder value, a company’s value is just the sum of its decisions executed. Decision effectiveness and financial results are highly correlated. Join the discussion on how Decision Intelligence will change and unlock new value through the digitization, augmentation, and automation of decisions. We will share real-life examples of how Decision Intelligence drives business agility through increased decision velocity by making faster, better, and more decisions than ever possible.


Boosting your Business Performance with Decision Intelligence

On the one hand, according to McKinsey, an S&P 500 company currently loses an average of $250M per year on ineffective decision-making processes. On the other hand, according to Signal, companies could unleash $4.26 trillion per year by leveraging technology to support their decisions. This webinar will discuss the main issues companies currently face with decision-making and how Decision Intelligence can help solve them. We will also discuss the critical components of Decision Intelligence technology and the critical success factors in implementing them.


Decision Intelligence - How to Match the Market Pace of Change with High-Frequency Supply Chain Synchronization

Even in quiet periods, synchronizing all the supply chain moving parts is a challenge. Demand, sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation all operate at different clocks, are run by different teams, and are dependent upon different constraints. In today’s post-pandemic world, the challenge has become more critical. You need to: a) Streamline decision making with periodic, heavy, and analog processes such as Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) or Integrated Business Planning (IBP) b) Plan your supply chain more frequently than the usual once-a-month cycle to match volatile market demands. Join this webinar to learn about high-frequency supply chain flow synchronization — a level of agility that only Decision Intelligence can provide to crisis-proof your business.

How Decision Intelligence Prevents Supply Shortages and Facilitates Seamless Reallocation

Two years into the pandemic, supply disruptions continue to plague global supply chains leaving companies with no line of sight into the accuracy of their production plans or committing to dates of sales orders. Extended global supply chains have proven brittle in the face of demand volatility and supply challenges with severe impacts on revenue and consumers. Multi-tier supply chains face the challenges of extended lead times and parts availability where component shortages have wreaked havoc on industries from automotive and consumer electronics to healthcare devices and beyond. This webinar will discuss how Decision Intelligence introduces a new paradigm for multi-enterprise collaboration in a supply-constrained world. We will also discuss how it transforms firefighting into an event-based and priority-driven process through recommendations that bring together internal and external data to drive a transparent, agile, and automated solution. Join us to learn how Decision Intelligence can help your business absorb the impacts of the next major supply chain disruption.


Delivering on CPG Brand Promises with Decision Intelligence

Today's digitally-enabled, socially-conscious consumers are challenging large CPG organizations to deliver the experiences they want. How can companies keep up while adapting to supply chain disruptions, staffing challenges, and an unstable geopolitical environment? In this session we'll show how Decision Intelligence is helping CPG companies achieve the business agility and resilience they need to be successful today ... and tomorrow. What you'll learn by attending: a) The challenges faced by CPG organizations while trying to compete with nimble digital-native companies b) Key decision opportunities that can be addressed with Decision Intelligence. c) How Aera Decision Cloud™ helps organizations deliver decision agility and business resilience.


Decision Agility - How Decision Intelligence Breaks Through Current Operational Latency

In an increasingly uncertain and complex reality, businesses have grown organizationally siloed and their technology architectures fragmented. Despite data visibility and analytics improvements, decision making is often inaccurate and reactive, and leaders struggle to keep up with the speed of decision making required. Decision Intelligence, supported by AI, breaks the glass ceiling of decision accuracy and speed by addressing three common industry challenges: Broad access to data, Accurate Data Analysis, and Decision Execution itself. In doing so, companies that adopt Decision Intelligence significantly increase their business agility.


Decision Intelligence for Direct Procurement

Even with the vast investment in procurement technology over the past couple of decades, your procurement team is still spending around 80% of their time on transactional work. The constant changes and disruptions seem never-ending, and with the need to not only report on ESG compliance, but act on them, the complexity of supply decisions is growing exponentially. Incorporating key metrics in strategic sourcing, contracts, and supplier scorecards is a starting point, but not enough. You need to be able to use real-time analytics and intelligence at the moment of decision making when exceptions happen to ensure that strategic choices made are not lost/forgotten/missed due to the sheer number of decisions and speed at which they need to be taken. Learn how Aera Decision Cloud can help you bridge the everyday gap between execution and strategy.


Beyond the Digital Control Tower

Today's supply chains are exposed to more shocks than ever before, and have to manage an ever-increasing degree of demand & supply complexity. Just as SpaceX and Amazon have leveraged automation to improve how decisions are made in their respective domains, so can supply chains. Learn how Decision Intelligence can take you beyond end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, and enable you to gain the agility and resilience you need in today's uncertain times.


Improving the Customer Experience with Decision Intelligence

In a world where people have one-click access to any number of choices from which to buy, the need to differentiate based on the customer experience has become paramount. One of the keys to satisfying customers is being able to set the right expectations and delivering what was ordered at the time it was promised. Yet many customer service organizations still don’t have the visibility to reliable promise dates or can address challenges that put order quantity and/or delivery dates at risk. Learn how Decision Intelligence delivers true promise availability dates to customer service organizations to get the customer relationship started on the right foot. Learn how real-time information and the ability to automatically correct risks to orders is enabling organizations to address problems before they can ruin your customer relationships.


How Decision Intelligence Connects Planning and Execution to Manage Disruption

To deal with supply chain disruptions, planning and scheduling decisions are not enough anymore. Decision Intelligence complements, enhances, and extends planning capability to improve responsiveness, agility, and resilience in the supply chain.

Bridging Procurement and Supply Chain with Decision Intelligence

In today’s ever-changing business environment, companies are dealing with supply risk at an increasing rate. Traditional procurement solutions have made the source-to-contract process more efficient, but when a preferred supplier starts to miss deadlines or logistical issues are holding up raw materials, how do you collaborate with your suppliers to resolve critical issues when complex decisions need to be made in real-time? Learn how Decision Intelligence can bring together procurement and supply chain that will allow you make supply decisions that will enable an agile, resilient supply chain.


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