About this webinar

Too often, procurement teams are forced to work reactively, not proactively. Payment terms impact your company’s cash flow and relationships with suppliers. With hundreds if not thousands of suppliers, each governed by different regional laws and company policies, managing payment terms is an extraordinarily complex and time-consuming task.

Learn why AI-powered Decision Intelligence is a game-changer for procurement. Join Jennifer Chaplain and Francis Mercier to learn how you can automate payment terms generation, enabling negotiations that are target-centric, compliant, and supplier-specific.  Bring your questions for our team on January 24th to learn:

  • How applying Decision Intelligence in payment terms generation and negotiation helps your company achieve target payment terms goals, increasing cash flow
  • How AI and machine learning solve the complexities of calculating optimal payment terms 
  • Why an AI platform for decision automation improves negotiations with vendors and reduces the time and manual effort involved in this critical process


Jennifer Chaplain headshot   

Jennifer Chaplain
Customer Success Director       
at Aera Technology                                 

Francis New   

Francis Mercier

Customer Success Manager
at Aera Technology