About this webinar

Delivering impact to the bottom line in a sustainable manner ultimately matters to shareholders. Executive teams are tasked with increasing corporate value to their shareholders, as measured by a myriad of metrics, including Total Returns to Shareholders (TRS), Return on invested capital (ROIC), and Economic Profit (EP), while improving their social responsibility. While several levers drive shareholder value, a company’s value is just the sum of its decisions executed. Decision effectiveness and financial results are highly correlated.

Join the discussion on how Decision Intelligence will change and unlock new value through the digitization, augmentation, and automation of decisions. We will share real-life examples of how Decision Intelligence drives business agility through increased decision velocity by making faster, better, and more decisions than ever possible.

Duration - 60 Minutes




Eduardo Tobias

Sr. Director,
Global Partnerships
at Aera Technology


Ram Krishnan

Executive Vice President,
Strategic Operations
at Aera Technology