About this webinar

Under increasing scrutiny from customers, investors, and regulators, many companies have made sustainability a part of their core supply-chain strategies. However, there is a growing disconnect between these ambitious, time-bound targets and the current trajectory of measurable progress. AI-enabled decision-making helps companies embed sustainability into their day-to-day operations.

Join us to find out how Decision Intelligence enables the end-to-end visibility required to make sustainability objectives a part of daily business decisions. You’ll learn how companies can measure trade-offs, take a structural and organic approach to meeting ESG targets, and avoid accusations of “greenwashing.”



Anne Lang   

Anne Lange,
Tech entrepreneur & Investor, Board Member at Orange,
VP, Partnerships & Strategic Growth  Pernod-Ricard, Peugeot invest      


Fabian Wehren   Untitled design (33)   

Fabian Wehren

 Global Account Partner and Supply Chain Europe West Leader
at EY

Michele Vismara   Untitled design (33)   

Michele Vismara
Client Partner
at Aera Technology

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