About this webinar

The new digital reality has fundamentally changed the business world. Yet planning in most organizations, strategic, operational, or tactical, remains stuck in the 90s, posing a massive risk to performance. The process and the tools used for planning operate on a dated model where the variables are relatively predictable and stable (e.g., Demand for a product). But in today's VUCA reality, this cannot be any farther from the truth. Organizations address this by throwing more people into the problem, which unfortunately is not sustainable.

Join this session to:

  • Understand the challenges in traditional planning
  • Learn about ways to build agility in planning to deliver on the performance 
  • Discuss best practices and the latest innovations that make planning a sustainable competitive advantage

    Duration: 60 Minutes


Karthik Saravanan  

Karthik  Saravanan

Head of Decision Intelligence,
at Bureau Veritas Consumer
Products Services


Ramprasad Krishnan

Executive Vice President,
Strategic Operations
at Aera Technology