About this webinar

Due to the introduction of social selling, the Consumer Packaged Goods industry continues to evolve and change in its go-to-market strategies, trade promotion management, and media spending. But the key for CPG companies is understanding how each platform impacts their business.  Tools like TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, and the overlay of influencers, dramatically change day-to-day operations. Still, few people can connect the demand and supply chain. Using Decision Intelligence, companies can see the event, financial impact, and demand impact in real time and then optimize their operations to capture the effects. The Aera Decision Cloud ingests impression data and promotion activity to recommend actions to take to optimize campaigns further, spend, and supply chain decisions. 
Duration : 35 Minutes


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Alison Crawford

Sr. Director, Product Marketing,
at Aera Technology

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    Sean McNunn

    Principal Solution Engineer,
     at Aera Technology


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