About this webinar

Two years into the pandemic, supply disruptions continue to plague global supply chains leaving companies with no line of sight into the accuracy of their production plans or committing to dates of sales orders. Extended global supply chains have proven brittle in the face of demand volatility and supply challenges with severe impacts on revenue and consumers. Multi-tier supply chains face the challenges of extended lead times and parts availability where component shortages have wreaked havoc on industries from automotive and consumer electronics to healthcare devices and beyond.

This webinar will discuss how Decision Intelligence introduces a new paradigm for multi-enterprise collaboration in a supply-constrained world. We will also discuss how it transforms firefighting into an event-based and priority-driven process through recommendations that bring together internal and external data to drive a transparent, agile, and automated solution. Join us to learn how Decision Intelligence can help your business absorb the impacts of the next major supply chain disruption.
Duration: 60 Minutes



Mike Detampel headshot   

Michael Detampel

Vice President,
Customer Engagement
at Aera Technology



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Jennifer Chaplain

Principal Solution Engineer,
at Aera Technology



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Andrea Roussel
Client Partner,
at Aera Technology