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About this webinar

Decision Intelligence is the future of business. Pioneering companies are already gaining a competitive advantage from the ability to continuously analyze internal data to make the best decisions possible. New advances in technology make it possible to take these capabilities to the next level. 

According to MIT Sloan researchers:“Incorporating external, or third-party, data is an important part of data analytics programs as companies look for strategic insight from outside their firms.”

Join Aera Technology and Overwatch AI on March 19th at 15:00 GMT / 11 AM EDT and 8 AM PDT as we guide you on a journey of possibility and potential — where we explain how merging internal data in the Aera Decision Cloud™ platform and external data feeds through Overwatch AI will bring even greater competitive advantage to your organization. 

Join Arjun Bisen, CEO and Co-Founder of Overwatch Data, and Jennifer Chaplain, Customer Success Director from Aera Technology, for this future-forward session.


Arjun Bisen   

Arjun Bisen

CEO and Co-Founder 
Overwatch Data