About this webinar

According to Deloitte’s 2023 CPO Survey, organizations that focus on orchestration of value are performing 25% better. Orchestrators are excelling in critical areas by investing more heavily in areas like analytics and automation – and are expected to continue widening the digital divide by embracing AI.

Bring your questions and join us Tuesday, September 12th for a conversation with Aaron Addicoat of Deloitte, co-author of Deloitte’s 2023 CPO Survey. We’ll discuss key trends, findings, and how CPOs are looking to Decision Intelligence as a critical initiative to achieve digital transformation of procurement. (Spoiler alert: much of Deloitte’s survey focuses on digitization in supply chains and procurement. More specifically, Deloitte has uncovered how leading procurement organizations are effectively delivering across the broader value proposition that seems to expand every year.)



Aaron Addicoat   

 Aaron Addicoat
Sourcing & Procurement Senior Manager
and  Global CPO Lead Author
at Deloitte

Michael hagen   

Michael Hagen
Partner Alliance Manager
at Aera Technology