The Decision Leadership Forum

Raise Your Decision Intelligence

According to Harvard Business Review, “a company’s value is the sum of the decisions it makes and executes.”  Watch our series of insightful discussions with global leaders to learn how they transform decision making and make their organization thrive.

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UCLA Distinguished Professor

The truth-telling mechanism

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Author of Several Books on Decision Making. 
Founder of the Alliance for Decision Education.

The intelligence behind decision making

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Author of "The Decision Book"

What are the main methods and tools to improve decision making

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The Founder of Decision Intelligence

Learning about the origins and main building blocks of Decision Intelligence

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Professor of Leadership and Decision Making
at Bryant University, Author

How to boost your team's decision making? The inspiring story of
"Smoke Jumpers"

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Co-Founder at MetaVRse,
pioneer of the Metaverse

Decision making in the Metaverse: the story of the largest shopping mall in the world

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Business Intelligence Analyst and Consultant,
Author and Speaker

A discussion with the father of the data warehousing industry: what are the relationships between data and decisions, and how do other factors play an essential role?

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Vice Dean, Professor of Marketing,
Best-Selling Author

The right decisions to position your service on the market: the insightful story of an MBA program

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Chairman Your Passport2Grow,
Best-Selling Author

The surprising story of a donut, or the importance of considering outlier data in decision making