About this webinar

Join us on March 5th to learn how your business can operate more efficiently, and achieve a level of value creation you might have thought impossible.

According to IDC, 75% of decision makers say that data loses its value within days, and 33% of decision makers say they often don’t get around to using the data they receive.*  On this webinar we will show you how companies overcome these challenges with AI that identifies opportunities and risks, enabling more accurate, impactful decisions. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the technology and new ways of working that will give companies a competitive edge in the new era of AI.

* IDC White Paper, Sponsored by Aera Technology, “What Every Executive Needs to Know About AI-Powered Decision Intelligence,” Doc #US51338623, November 2023



Michael Detampel

 Michael Detampel
VP, Customer Engagement, Americas
at Aera Technology


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Niels Van Hove

at Aera Technology



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