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In a dynamic and complex business environment, where change happens rapidly and without warning, the volume and complexity of decisions has grown – and the time available to make them is shrinking daily. Faced with over 2,000 decisions to make per hour, the mental strain this places on the human brain is substantial. Add to this the fact that many business decisions are siloed and disjointed, and many teams find it easier to optimize locally at the expense of end-to-end efficiency.

In an age where personal assistants like Alexa and Waze simplify our personal lives, the time has come to bring this ease to the workplace. Join us on February 21st as we present the Decision Intelligence platform that makes this a reality: Aera Decision Cloud™ – and introduce you to Aera, the powerful AI agent that enables your company and employees to make more accurate decisions at scale.

Register today to discover how Decision Intelligence is unlocking opportunities and delivering a competitive advantage for some of the world’s best-known brands.



Ram Krishnan

at Aera Technology

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Deepshikha Agarwal

Sr. Director, Skills Architecture
at Aera Technology



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