About this webinar

Too often, competitive insights that could help your organization succeed are hidden within siloed systems, or go unseen due to a lack of communication and collaboration. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Join us on April 9th as we show how some of the best-known names in consumer goods, life sciences, technology manufacturing, and more are unlocking new value with digitized and automated decision making. We’ll share real-world examples from customers, introduce you to the Aera Decision Cloud™ AI platform, and show how (unlike other software solutions) you can quantify the value that Decision Intelligence and automation delivers. 

What opportunities are waiting to be discovered within your data and decision-making processes? Register today and find out how your enterprise can start to achieve more with AI.


Alison Crawford photo   

Alison Crawford
Sr. Director, Product Marketing            
at Aera Technology      


Matthew Bunce

Sr. Engagement Principal
at Aera Technology