About this webinar

Join us for an insightful webinar based on the new IDC white paper, "What Every Executive Needs to Know About AI-Powered Decision Intelligence." This research from a survey of Fortune 1000 executives reveals the transformative impact of AI-generated recommendations and automated decisions. You’ll learn how to begin the journey toward creating an end-to-end, "self-driving" automated supply chain with the adoption of AI-powered Decision Intelligence.

Discover how Decision Intelligence –  a set of capabilities that automates all steps in the decision-making process – can significantly accelerate decision velocity. IDC's research identifies common characteristics of organizations with leading AI-powered Decision Intelligence capabilities and offers insights into how these companies achieve market-leading outcomes. 

Sponsored by Aera Technology, this research sheds light on current opportunities, roadblocks, and best practices in leveraging Decision Intelligence to gain a competitive edge.


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Michaela Dempsey
SVP, Demand Generation       
at Aera Technology                                 

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Alison Crawford

Sr. Director, Product Marketing
at Aera Technology