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75% of Enterprises Expect to Gain Significant Benefits from AI-Enabled Decision Intelligence

Every day, employees and business leaders make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions with the goal of achieving success. However, the definition of success differs across business units. Success could be achieving competitive supplier terms, optimal product pricing, improved customer satisfaction rates, or reallocation of marketing spend. Every team has specific objectives, but lack of end-to-end visibility and cross-functional communication results in siloed decisions whose outcomes can be at cross purposes, with negative impacts on performance.

A new IDC report sponsored by Aera Technology, What Every Executive Needs to Know About AI-Powered Decision Intelligence, reveals that:

  • 30% of decisions made in an organization remain undocumented
  • Decision Intelligence correlates with a 20% improvement across product and service innovation, employee productivity, and customer and employee retention
  • 75% of executive, VP, and director-level respondents expect that decision velocity and AI-enabled decision making are key factors in value generation.

Download What Every Executive Needs to Know About AI-Powered Decision Intelligence, an IDC white paper and global survey of Fortune 1000 executives across eight countries and six verticals, to learn how Decision Intelligence addresses these gaps.

You’ll gain a better understanding of the current state of decision making, as well as how you can improve decision governance and improve decision governance and gain additional value through data-driven, AI-enabled decision making.