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IDC: “A Case for Decision Intelligence:
From ‘What Data Is Needed?’
to ‘What Decisions Need to Be Made?’”

Decision Intelligence is an emerging technology that is driving proven, quantifiable benefits across the enterprise –  with the power to deliver significant ROI in a very short time span.

A common misconception is that existing investments in best-in-class lakehouses, data science teams, and data visualization tools are “good enough” to achieve the same potential as a decision intelligence platform. IDC’s analysis says otherwise*. In fact, their research contends that over the last three decades, organizations have spent $2 trillion in data processing, data analysis technologies, staff, and services – with insufficient return on these investments. 

Decision Intelligence is an answer to this shortfall. Its benefits go well beyond supply chain to improve decision making in procurement, finance, and human resources – and more. 

Download a complimentary copy of this cutting-edge research to learn:

  • A new definition of decision making for today’s business needs 
  • How Decision Intelligence technology improves decision making and outcomes
  • The benefits and promises of Decision Intelligence, and why you as a user should care

“This opportunity will require a change in investment priorities, a change in how information is synthesized, how insights are developed, and decisions are made at scale, how collective learning and knowledge capture and sharing is performed, and how data culture and data literacy are promoted. This opportunity is decision intelligence.” 

*Source: IDC, A Case for Decision Intelligence: From "What Data Is Needed?" to "What Decisions Need to Be Made?" (Doc. #US50788523, June 2023)