Cognitive Automation
Demo Day

Digitize, Augment, and Automate Decisions.

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About the event

Cognitive Automation Demo Day is the premier demo event, where we highlight Cognitive Automation in Action - a showcase of Aera's Cognitive Operating System™ running at scale across industries.  

Join us for this special 1-hour event, to discover how leading global organizations leverage Aera's Cognitive Operating System to transform how they make decisions across the enterprise - from supply chain to finance and beyond. See how we can empower your organization to create and operationalize AI-powered Cognitive Skills that transform how people work from people doing the work with the help of machines to machines doing the work, guided by people.  

For your convenience, we offer this digital event in three different time zones.

Why should you attend?

  • Drive Decision Velocity: How Cognitive Automation enables faster, more accurate decision making as business speed and complexity grows exponentially.
  • Transform in a World of Digital Natives: How traditional companies can compete and win through the use of Cognitive Automation.
  • Operationalize AI: How Cognitive Automation strengthens outcomes of business decisions by augmenting AI human judgment and decision-making.

  • Achieve Cognitive Automation at Scale without Disruption: How Aera's Cognitive Operating System™, Aera Developer™, and Cognitive Skills dramatically accelerate the journey to Cognitive Automation.
  • Accelerate Time to Value: How to enable Cognitive Automation across the organization, from Supply Chain to Finance, with a single digital platform, reducing the need to stitch together disparate tools and point solutions.


  • See how a Life Sciences organization achieves accurate fulfillment for their products. We will demonstrate how Cognitive Automation enables new innovations like CAR-T immunotherapy.

  • Watch how a Consumer Packaged Goods business manages inventory dynamically while optimizing towards their sustainability goals.

  • Look at how an Industrial Manufacturing company uses Cognitive Automation to cope with the ever changing supply networks.

This event is a great opportunity for Aera Technology’s customers, prospects and partners to learn more about Cognitive Automation.  This event is not open to employees of competitive companies.  If you register and are employed by a competitor, we reserve the right to remove you from the registration list or otherwise deny you entry to the event.  By registering for this event, you are opting-in to the Cognitive Automation Community newsletter.  For more information about the community please visit here